Client Testimonials

As a nurse I am trained to handle trauma. I thought I had a healthy threshold until unexpectedly challenged with saving the life of my partner. It shook me to the bone. I couldn’t sleep from replaying the horrific details over and over again. My psychiatrist diagnosed me with PTSD and said I would live with the trauma the rest of my life. I made an appointment with Kim, my energy healer. After telling her the story she asked me to make a choice.

I could live with the psychiatrist diagnosis, or I could release the trauma stored in my cellular memory. I noticed a miraculous spiritual and psychological transformation after just one session. I was able to sleep thru the night for the first time since the incident. Buy the second session I felt my energy restored and rebalanced. Thank you, Kim! Now I am able to process the incident in a healthy way, without attachment to the emotions, feelings and trauma originally produced.
– Jia

Kim’s Sound Session was the most powerful sound healing I have ever experienced in all of my travels in the US and Europe,
including Stonehenge.
– Rita

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