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Sacred Sound Journey

A Sound Journey can carry us beyond the mind-locks of our consciousness to the deeper regions of our Soul. Sound speaks to our Soul in a way that nothing else does. It is intimate, it is visceral, it elicits feeling. The secret to it’s power is its ability to bypass our intellect and touch our emotions. Penetrating deeply through our innermost being, sound unifies our isolated pieces, restoring the harmony of the whole. Sound links us with the remembrance of our Soul’s essence. Crystal sound calibrates people’s inner tempos and rhythms, helping each individual ground and anchor themselves, while finding their deepest place of resilience and comfort — and the deep connection to their authentic self.


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Lifetime after lifetime our Soul Identity is awakened through sound…..once heard, the Sound calls our Soul into the proper  dimension and we begin to vibrate at the rate of our Soul Frequency.

– Ancient Egyptian teachings

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