Sunset Beach Bowls - Join Us for Season 10 - Tuesday May 21st - 7:30pm

Sound Vibes

A Transformative Experience

Sound Meditation

Corporate Groups
Special Events
Promotes: team building, creativity, motivation,
mental clarity, calmness, and relaxation


Sound Healing

Individual & Group
Relieves: depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD,
toxic energy clearing and more …


Sunset Beach Bowls

Private Individual & Group
Weekly Community Event

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Shakti Sound Tribe
Presents a Multidimensional
Sound Journey

We are a group of women sound healers. Our instruments are gongs, crystal and tibetan bowls, didgeridoo, crystal harp, crystal pyramid, and more…
This immersive sound journey will allow you to enter a deep state of relaxation and restoration, a theta brain wave state. Which enables the brain and body to rest and heal. Many describe it as nirvana. It promotes creativity, intuition, and focus. It reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. This sound journey will raise your vibrational level and attune your chakras, it will release energy blocks and promo energetic flow.

A Sound Journey will carry you beyond the mind-locks of your consciousness into the deeper regions of your Soul. These sound vibrations work all the way down to the cellular level in the body! How amazing is that?

All Final Shakti Sound Tribe

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Lifetime after lifetime our Soul Identity is awakened through sound…..once heard, the Sound calls our Soul into the proper  dimension and we begin to vibrate at the rate of our Soul Frequency.

– Ancient Egyptian teachings

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