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A Sound Journey can carry us beyond the mind-locks of our consciousness to the deeper regions of our Soul. Sound speaks to our Soul in a way that nothing else does. It is intimate, it is visceral, it elicits feeling. The secret to it’s power is its ability to bypass our intellect and touch our emotions. Penetrating deeply through our innermost being, sound unifies our isolated pieces, restoring the harmony of the whole. Sound links us with the remembrance of our Soul’s essence. Crystal sound calibrates people’s inner tempos and rhythms, helping each individual ground and anchor themselves, while finding their deepest place of resilience and comfort — and the deep connection to their authentic self.

We exist in a universe constructed of crystalline sacred geometry, where everything has been orchestrated to work together in perfect harmony. By recognizing our interconnectedness, we gain a sense of trust, belonging, and an understanding of our place in the world.
Crystal sound has the ability to activate a heightened state of consciousness and plays an inherent role in the transformation of our consciousness because it is the very vibrational nature of our Soul. Crystal sound is a tremendous purifier. It bathes the body in luminous light.

“The sound structure of the crystal resonates, recalling to its optimum resonance and pitch the sound within yourself, the note of your perfection. The crystal is a tuning fork, ever resonating the sound of Creation within each being.”

– Dhayani Ywaho

Crystal bowls are composed of pure, crushed, powdered quartz that is spun at high speed, ignited with an electric arc torch and fused together to form a bowl. Quartz crystal responds to the electrical impulses produced by our body and our thoughts. It naturally resonates with the crystalline substance that exists in our DNA, bones, blood, and body fluids. We are all composed of crystal and naturally have a built in attunement with crystal bowls. Our bodies are natural crystal resonance chambers.

The crystalline quartz nature of the bowls embodies pure light vibration that resonates with our etheric light bodies, making them a perfect tool for programming and transmitting specific healing intentions. Crystal sound raises the vibrational level in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

  • On the physical level- the relaxing alpha tones lower the heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure.
  • On the emotional level- the alpha tones reduce stress and have a definite calming effect.
  • On the mental level- they calm the cluttered mind and bring clarity.
  • On the spiritual level- they open gateways to expand consciousness, release mind-locks, and facilitate travel into higher dimensions.

“Since all things are made by the power of sound,
of vibration, so every thing is made by a portion thereof,
and man can create his world by the same power.
Among all aspects of knowledge the knowledge of sound is supreme,
for all aspects of knowledge depend upon the knowing of form,
except that of sound, which is beyond all form.
By the knowledge of sound man obtains the knowledge of creation,
and the mastery of that knowledge helps man to rise to the formless.
This knowledge acts as wings for a man;
it helps him to rise from earth to heaven,
and he can penetrate through the life seen and unseen.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan

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