Individual Sound Sessions

Crystalline Sound and Energy Healing

Crystalline Sound offers group and individual Sound Journey experiences. All sessions offer a unique multidimensional sensation of frequency, vibration, and sound. Crystalline sound resonates pure light vibration and frequency attuning your chakras and balancing your energy.

Personal sessions offer the addition of a warm amethyst crystal Biomat that produces deep penetrating far infrared rays along with negative ions that activate, soothe, and relax the body at the molecular level.

Experience this unique multidimensional sensation of Crystal frequency, vibration, and sound combined with energy healing.

The warm amethyst crystals in the Biomat produce deep-penetrating, far infrared rays along with negative ions that activate the body at the molecular level. The Biomat reduces stress and fatigue, it soothes and relaxes the body relieving minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness. It supports the immune system and increases blood circulation.

The Quartz Crystal Bowls embody pure light vibration that resonates with your etheric body. The chakras attuned bowls raise your vibrational frequency and level. The resonance releases energy blocks and increases energetic flow reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

The Quartzophone Crystal Lyre produces multidimensional resonant sound like a piezo-acoustic massage sending pulses into the tissue and cells promoting healing and regeneration. The sound promotes deep meditation, energy balancing and cleansing.

Benefits of the Crystal Sound and Energy Healing:

  • Creates Crystalline Cadences in your cells
  • Awaken new cellular patterns of vibration       
  • Alleviates stress, anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue
  • Enhances concentration, memory and attention span
  • Increases energy and motivation
  • Boosts creativity, awareness and intuition
  • Improves and regulates sleep patterns
  • Removes energetic blocks
  • Balances chakras also known as life-force energy centers
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Relieves symptoms associated with grief and PTSD
  • Improves mood and mental clarity
  • Regulates hormonal functioning
  • Promotes stillness, happiness and well being
  • Assists in creating new neural pathways
  • Balances both hemispheres of the brain
  • Breaks old patterns and habits
  • Allows for deep relaxation

As You Raise Your Own Frequency ….You Raise the Frequency of the Collective Consciousness.

Crystalline Sound can carry us beyond the mind-locks of our consciousness to the deeper regions of our Soul. Sound speaks to our Soul in a way that nothing else does. It is intimate, it is visceral, it elicits feeling. The secret to its power is its ability to bypass our intellect and touch our emotions. Penetrating deeply through our innermost being, sound unifies our isolated pieces, restoring the harmony of the whole. Sound links us with the remembrance of our Soul’s essence.


Client Testimonials

As a nurse I am trained to handle trauma. I thought I had a healthy threshold until unexpectedly challenged with saving the life of my partner. It shook me to the bone. I couldn’t sleep from replaying the horrific details over and over again. My psychiatrist diagnosed me with PTSD and said I would live with the trauma the rest of my life. I made an appointment with Kim, my energy healer. After telling her the story she asked me to make a choice.

I could live with the psychiatrist diagnosis, or I could release the trauma stored in my cellular memory. I noticed a miraculous spiritual and psychological transformation after just one session. I was able to sleep thru the night for the first time since the incident. Buy the second session I felt my energy restored and rebalanced. Thank you, Kim! Now I am able to process the incident in a healthy way, without attachment to the emotions, feelings and trauma originally produced.
– Jia

Kim’s Sound Session was the most powerful sound healing I have ever experienced in all of my travels in the US and Europe, including Stonehenge.
– Rita


Upcoming Workshop

Activate Your Multidimensional Mastery

The Crystalline Light Body

Dates:  Next date TBD
Upgrade your physical body and energy body to a new
13 Chakra Crystalline Light Body

In this workshop you will learn about the upgrades from the seven chakra energy body system to the new thirteen chakra energy and light body system.  You will experience a guided activation that will bring the new chakra system light body fully online. The Crystal bowls and Crystal Lyre resonate light vibrations and light codes that assist in activating the Crystalline Light Body.

The Light body is an energetic container for our evolving Souls to access all of our Spiritual skills and abilities.

The Light Body is a reconciliation between the Soul and the dense physical body, a reconciliation between the physical and the Spiritual.

As the atomic structure within the cells of our body is rising in frequency. We are shifting from a third dimensional carbon based body to a fifth or higher dimensional crystalline light body that matches the atomic frequency and spin of crystal.

This guided activation and sound infusion will:

  • Activate a heightened state of consciousness and Spiritual awareness
  • Activate the 13 Chakra Light Body
  • Release the dominance of the Ego/mind and shift the center of balance to the Heart
  • Establish a connection between Heaven and Earth within your body
  • Reconnect you with Divine Love, Compassion, and Abundance

As you activate, build and integrate your Light body, you reorganize your molecular structure, allowing your body to be less dense and more free to express itself with the source of the universe.

This transmission of light codes into the physical body result in:

  • Cognitive clarity and wisdom
  • The ability to hold more energy
  • Embody your Multidimensional self

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