Sunset Beach Bowls

Community Event

Every Tuesday one hour before sunset
Currently 7:30 to 8:30pm

Bring a blanket and a friend to nestle into the sand to experience this multidimensional sensory sensation.

Donation based  – public parking and restroom across from the beach

Moran Lake Beach- select to view a map

Experience the unique sound vibration of the Crystal Bowls, Stringed Harp, and Crystal Harp in symphony with the Ocean Waves.

Synchronize with the universal elements of – fire, earth, air, and water- whose wisdom is the foundation of healing.

Celestial sound vibrations will:

– Raise your vibrational level & attune your chakras

– Release energy blocks & increase energetic flow

– Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression

– Relieves PTSD & Trauma

Experience the tranquility, peace and calmness as the ocean symphony joins these mesmerizing harmonic sounds. The vibration of the bowls are harmonious with the cyclical nature of life, breath, tidal rhythms, and planetary cycles, enabling you to surrender into the deepest peace — a feeling of natural transcendence. The Crystal Bowls are musically attuned to the chakras in the body resonating sound frequency into every cell. The secret to its power is its ability to bypass the intellect and reach the deeper regions of your Soul.

Your heart is the size of the ocean.
Go find yourself in its hidden depths – Rumi

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