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Kim Molloy is a gifted Sound Alchemist. She integrates and embodies Reiki, Theta, and Crystalline Soul Healing creating a unique blend of Angelic Healing energies. She creates mesmerizing harmonic sound vibrations thru crystal bowls and a crystal lyre. They are musically attuned to the chakras in the body resonating sound frequency into every cell. Crystal sound raises your vibrational frequency, releases blocks and increases energetic flow. The secret to its power is its ability to bypass the intellect and reach the deeper regions of your Soul.

Kim’s first experience with the crystal bowls was in a meditation studio in Connecticut. As her teacher played the bowls she felt an electric energy surge throughout her entire body. The sounds carried her to a heightened state of consciousness. This was her first journey into the higher dimensions. She felt as though every cell in her body was vibrating with that of God’s. The call was sent forth. For the next year and a half she continued working with her teacher and experiencing the magic and mystery of the crystal bowls.

When she moved to Santa Cruz she knew in her heart that she was meant to share crystal bowl sound healing with others. In 2014 Kim acquired her divinely appointed full chakra set of crystal bowls. Each bowl has a unique individual consciousness. Using intuition and divine guidance the bowls are played through her as she channels angelic energies. A musical composition that she calls a sound spiral gradually emerged. Her experience with the crystal bowls is difficult to express in words. The bliss of travel and exploration into higher dimensions is an experience like no other.

She began offering The Crystal Bowl Sound Journey at The Garden Sanctuary, yoga studios, and collaborative events at the Pacific Cultural Center. The same year she began Sunset Beach Bowls weekly at Moran Lake Beach. In 2017 she joined the 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley bringing the Sound Journey to thousands of guests from around the world. Currently she offers The Sound Journey at the 1440 Multiversity, yoga studios, weekly beach sessions, as well as individual and group sessions.

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